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Modest Living

Within pages of VARANISESE, you will find a world of beautifully curated masterpieces of fine art. 

Aesthetically pleasing, and passionately provoking you into the art of modest living in fashion, art, lifestyle, home,  

it is our honor to host you into the world of possibilities. 

Our endeavor is to help you think outside of the box, challenge your reality into making it be the life you've dreamt of.

We believe that personal revelation, goal setting, accountability, are immensely important to building the life you enjoy.

We are a magazine that encourages individuality, within the fine love of modest living.

Here you will find a variety of authors sharing their ♥  on subjects they are passionate about; some articles include self-assessment quizzes for readers to reflect, be challenged, and encouraged.

We find joy in building bridges with business owners and creatives, hoping they share their art, and label in our shared spaces. We pride ourselves in including artisans with unique creative eyes, and skills to participate in contributing to our magazines. If you are a creative or would like to see your favorite creative be featured, you may contact our team for your recommendation.

We look forward to enjoying our days with you, 

it is an honor to host you.

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Updated: January 28, 2021