Independence Day 2019

I hope everyone enjoyed their Independence Day celebration with their loved ones!

This Independence Day, was my first time hosting my own “party,” like many first party you host, you only invite your closest to see if the party plan was a hit or a miss.

In my case, it was a HIT!! 🎊

I was only comfortable inviting a few close friends, Liez, and Juliana, since we were the only ones who did not have any family plans.

I made sandwiches, and a big bowl of fruits, the girls brought drinks, and snacks, and of cours, our FIJI.

We sat and ate, being very content about the day. A quiet evening in the hills of Silicon Valley, overlooking some greenery, homes, horses, and dry grass. It was perfect.

It was a pleasure to bond and get to know my friends better, to see where they are in life, and hear about their desires, goals, and laugh etc- it was much needed.

Sometimes we all need a picnic to unwind from our busy lives, in order to catch up with friends in real life, rather than social media.

Being in the moment with my friends was refreshing, and sharing photos with you is also thrilling for me, as I hope It’s encouraged you, to go out and have a picnic- it’s (almost) free!

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